Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Broken Clock is a Comfort

Ok, so the title has nothing to do with anything, except that I'm currently listening to Lifehouse. Today is day 4 of classes and I am already completely exhausted. I'm totally out of practice on the whole reading textbooks thing. Classes weren't so interesting today. Masters was freezing (of course) so I spent an hour and half shivering in my IDS class. We watched part of Gung Ho in International Management. So much for the theory that you aren't going to watch real movies in college...

I won a copy of The Namesake from one of my many giveaway entries. Of course. Because I just bought it. Not that I don't want it, but that always seems to happen to me. Maybe I  can sell it on Amazon or ebay or something and make a little bit of money. Poor broke college student. She needs more books, just not the ones she already owns

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