Friday, September 16, 2011

Honey Bee

Blake Shelton this time. It rained again today. I'm getting quite tired of it, actually. Especially all this humidity, it's just gross. Two more classes today. Things really start to blend together after a while. IDS was interesting. We finally got into talking about Van Braun and the German rocket program. The Neufeld biography is actually pretty interesting. Some parts of it are really dry, probably because it is about science which isn't really my thing, but they aren't too bad and those sections don't really last long. I'm actually really interested in seeing what this guy is like when we meet him in November. International Management is still a strange class. At least I actually took notes today, along with writing some Castle fanfiction. It's really bad, but it was better than being bored out of my mind during class.
Castle Cast Photo Season 4
Milk and cookies rush. I really wish more people had actually shown up, but at least I got to know one girl a little better, which is good. Homework is always interesting these days. Working on the introduction for my lit review in senior seminar. Reading all these research journals really makes me miss my novels and escapist literature. Probably why I started reading The Namesake again. At least it's better than the 20 page journals that just give me a headache.

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