Sunday, September 25, 2011

Courtesy of the Red White and Blue

Toby Keith. I may not always agree with his politics, but he sings (writes?) great patriotic songs. This song is actually kind of fitting for the topic of this post. Friday was the AGON (literary magazine) coffeehouse. There were some very raunchy topics (Michael Ian Black monologues) and some very uncomfortable moments (creepy kid with a poem about princes and princesses), but where do we draw the line? Was it ok that a kid and his mom walked through the campus center during the Michael Ian Black monologue? Was it ok that every female looked uncomfortable while that kid was reciting his poem?

Was it ok  that I was mad that it rained all day? Thank goodness for the rain boots my parents bought me a few weeks ago when they were out. I would have been even wetter than I already was. And even less productive. Classes were ok, test in MIS and discussions in Senior Seminar. Went to SB & S after the coffeehouse. I was planning on getting work done, but clearly that wasn't going to happen. Not even sure what we actually did. Talk and stuff? At some point they ordered pizza... typical friday night I suppose.

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