Friday, September 16, 2011

Fight Agains the Hours

Lena Martin, and  I actually think it is a rather fitting title to what Thursday was like. I felt like I was running everywhere and getting nowhere. I spent all morning trying to take notes and learn for International Business and feel like I didn't get anywhere! Went to IDS and talked more about rockets and STRUGGLED to stay awake during the documentary we were watching. It was just so dark and easy to fall asleep. Lunch was as crazy and hectic as ever. And the food isn't getting any better which really stinks. I'm really not into either eating pizza or grilled cheese ever day. International Management was a review day which meant that we got out early because no one wanted to ask questions. Fine by me. More time to work on my Senior Seminar paper which felt like it would never get done. Tutored after class and then went back to my room and never left. Just locked myself in. Upside, I finished my paper! The angels should have started singing. I'm about halfway through The Namesake again and I think I am more into it this time then when I read it the first time. Hopefully I can finish and review it soon!

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