Tuesday, September 20, 2011

She Walked Away

I'm not a particularly religious person at all, but I absolutely love this song by BarlowGirl. It is one of my favorites. It is vaguely religious (it does ask him for help) but it doesn't necessarily have to be taken that way.
Saturday was an interesting day. I got to see my mom and dad for the first time since I've been back at school (and they got to skype with C, which was good). We went to the JA Scholars Brunch. It (luckily) wasn't nearly embarrassing as I thought it would be. I don't know how some people can just have the confidence to stand up and speak to a room full of people like that. Not me. I got a pretty little key chain too. The nice thing was that my parents got to meet S, A, & J who I talk about ALL the time. Which was nice. Put a name to a face and all. We walked around campus for a while, skyped with C and made a Boscovs run. I got pretty new rain boots that are pink & green plaid which is good since it is supposed to rain again. And a blanket because my roommate loves to keep the air on at night... and I don't.

After my parents left I went up to S's to watch Harry Potter. Not that we actually WATCHED Harry Potter. We discussed Harry Potter, did our nails, looked at wedding dresses, went on Pottermore and basically did everything but watch the freaking movie. And I loved it :-)

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