Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Washout

It's raining as I type this (at 10:30 at night) and it has been raining ALL day. It rained yesterday too, and I am sick of it! The campus has legitimate rivers running through it and my sneakers are soaking wet.

New water feature on campus. Nice right? I haven't left my room since I got back at 2:30. I just couldn't even think about going out in rain tonight for dinner. Or rush. Not that I think a lot of people went. They've posted delays for a lot of the high schools around here & at home. Too bad I don't have class until 11 so it wouldn't affect me.

Speaking of class, not much to tell. Went to MIS. Took notes. Alura called me a bitch again before class (well she called karma a bitch, but in reference to me). It was loud. And hysterical. Went to senior sem. This outline makes me nervous. I have no idea if I am doing any of it right and it's due Friday morning. Oh well.

Giveaway updates: The Namesake & Unbound are in the mail! Won Samauri Zombie Hunters through librarything and an e-book of Children of Chance as well as In the Sea There are Crocodiles from A Bookish Affair. I'm a happy girl for that!

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