Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The Script is one of my favorite bands. I absolutely love them. And they also happen to be Irish which just makes everything better. (Note: I'm not Irish, just love it for no discernible reason)

I'm on to Sunday now. I finally got to skype with C for half an hour for the first time in two weeks which was really great. I also did a lot of homework. I finally finished the critique of the article for senior seminar (great relief) I had such a hard time writing it for some reason. And there is another one coming up in November which is just great. I also had an APhiO meeting which seemed to last forever (which may be because I was getting dizzy and lightheaded). I want twin littles though so I really wanted to go. I really hope I get twins (two littles) because I'm really excited! At least now (Tuesday) the cold/flu is starting to go away and I can breathe again!

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