Friday, September 16, 2011

Brave Face

Delta Goodrem is an Australian pop artist and singer-songwriter. I am kind of obsessed with her music (hence the title of the blog post). I needed once of those brave faces today. It was just a rough day. I just didn't want to get up. Probably stayed up too late reading (again). Went to MIS and had to present about Netflix (which, while not difficult, not easy when you want to curl up and sleep). Senior Seminar was spent talking about what should be in our papers which isn't making me any less nervous about getting it done by Friday. See, rush has been keeping me kind of busy. Tye-dye rush was interesting. At least I got to see both my big and my twin! And we got a huge rain storm with flashes of lightening that light up the entire sky. It was very pretty, but also very loud. Also working on reading more of the Von Braun biography and attempting to learn all the definitions for International Management. More Namesake and hopefully a better day ahead tomorrow!

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