Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Fleur de Lis and Pottermore

This isn't a song title if you were really worried about that. Would be an interesting song I bet. I was pretty sure I was getting sick yesterday (as of today I know I was). Worked on some homework and went to lunch (can it be lunch at 10:45?) with K. Did some laundry too, which is really hard because we are down another washing machine. There was water all over the floor and my socks got very wet. I was quite sad. And the dryers don't ever work either. Not sure why maintenance is slacking, but they better get it fixed soon. 

In the afternoon I went shopping with S & A for Halloween costumers and fabric/crafties for our littles. Well my littes and S's littles. A found this really cute costume. I've decided to go as Nancy Drew. Who wears a REALLY short skirt. That she's had since about 8th grade. A found me this really cute fleur de lis fabric to make letters out of at Joann's. I'm really excited. Now I just need heat bond and stencils and a sewing machine, and you know, coordination. We went to dinner with M & J. Then we went back to the dorm to do homework, but of course got distracted by Pottermore. I really have not been on, but managed to hold my own in the conversation. I wish I had more time to go explore. Stupid school work. Which I clearly didn't get done because I was talking about Pottermore. Good thing inspiration struck when I went back to my room or I would have been screwed.


  1. Are you one of the lucky ones with Pottermore? Or are you waiting for October?

  2. I was lucky (read stubborn) enough to get in, the only problem is that the site keeps crashing and I can't actually get in