Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who We Are

Lifehouse. Wednesday. MIS lab day. And we didn't do anything. Surprise. Even prep for the test on Friday. Go figure. Senior Sem was more notes, but my professor complimented me on being so detail oriented! I think that might also be code for annal retentive, but I'll take it. Tutored again for psych for the first time since finals week last year. It is amazing what I still remember after 2 years. More ice breakers tonight. Played the I'm Special game. I really dislike that game a lot. I actually don't like any games that we play at ice breakers. And I missed the Criminal Minds premiere. With AJ Cook tweeting live. I was really sad. But, I watched at 11 when I finally got back! It was amazing! I love this cast more than words. And Paget Brewster's Emily reciting the FBI oath at the end practically had me in tears! Soooo good and I'm so happy the team is back together!!!!!

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