Monday, September 19, 2011

Bleed Red

My favorite Ronnie Dunn song ever. I LOVE it. So much.

Friday. Yay! It was a no pressure day. Turned in my senior seminar paper and went to classes and didn't care about a thing. I probably should have though. I did spend like an hour looking for my camera charger, though. I can't find the dang thing. I am almost positive that I packed it to bring back to school. Pretty positive. And I can't find it anywhere. Or my change purse. Though that is slightly less important. I really want to do a thank you post for all of the books I've been lucky enough to receive. I am so excited to read all of them. They are a great stress relief and escape from the pressures of college. Hopefully I can find it soon. Other than that the night was spent at Gamers Guild, attempting my homework, and quality bonding time with the twin.

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