Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finally the Weekend- Friday & Saturday

Friday! And it wasn't raining! The two thoughts I had when I got up. Turned in my first Senior Seminar assignment (complete with nervous breakdown). MIS presentations still feel like a waste of my time, but at least it might be a grade booster. Let's hope. Senior Seminar always makes me laugh. Maybe its because it stresses me out so much, but I always find at least one thing that is absolutely hysterical. Hanging out with SB, S & J afterward helps too. Best part was we got to get off campus and actually go out and not eat dorm food! Albeit, its dinner food, but anything is better than dorm food at this point. First tutoring session (that was interesting) and gamers guild. I find that watching people play Killer Bunnies is actually much more interesting than actually playing. The sociologist in me likes watching people's reactions to things.

Saturday was ranting day. Not that it is a bad thing. Crafty/decorating trip with S to a bunch of different stores & lots of ranting is always entertaining. The one thing Saturday wasn't? Homework day... that may be a problem. Maybe.

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