Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Natural Disasters Week

I consider myself a pretty calm person (most of the time). However, this week, kind of stressing me out a little. I move back in for my JURIOR year of college this coming Sunday. When did that happen? You know what else is supposed to be moving up the East Coast Sunday into Monday? Yep, that's right Hurricane Irene. HURRICANE. Somehow the idea of moving in to my dorm in the middle of a hurricane is rather unappealing. To top it off, I've just finished a seven day stretch of work. A seven day stretch where people kept calling off. One person, one day I understand. But 2-4 people THREE days in a row? The universe must hate me right now. And we had an earthquake yesterday. Fun times. I was pretty sure all the glass in the hutch on my desk was going to fall and crush my nice, pretty, blue macbook. I don't think I can handle life without my macbook. Nope. 

Hurricane Irene projected storm path and rain amounts. I live in that bright pink area. OH JOY. 

More to come, gotta go see my baby sis off to college!

Cheers,  Leigh Leigh

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