Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene, Irene

Lovely picture isn't it? Well that's what I'm living through. And it changed my life in the course of (not kidding) 4 hours. My parents took my sister to school in CT (while I went on a nice book hunt detailed below) and not even 4 hours after they left the campus decided it was closing. Meanwhile, my school decided it was going to open early to save people from having to move in while it was raining/windy. So, my parents turn around and pick up my sister while I completely rearrange my plans for the weekend. See, I had very nice plans for Saturday, but instead I left my house at 9:30 to be able to move into my dorm without having to deal with the 3-5 inches of rain forecasted to fall and the wind gusts of 20-40 miles an hour. 

So, now I am sitting in my dorm room, all set up minus decorations, on a Saturday, with nothing to do. It's currently pouring outside with pretty strong (though not dangerous) wind gusts. Oh, and neither my microwave or my air conditioning work. Icing on the freaking cake. 

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