Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kindly Unspoken

Wednesday. Wednesday, Wednesday. Certainly a day I will never forget. For one, it was raining again. Why exactly must it rain so much at school? It seems to only rain this much here. And we can't handle any more rain between all of the construction (I would like my campus back, thankyouverymuch) and the fact that there is nowhere for the rain to go so it all just floods.  In MIS we were working on Chapter 4 some more. I feel like we never get anything done in that class. Like we've been doing the same stuff forever. And in Senior Sem we are reading an article about media consumption and the perceptions of the police. I feel like it would have been more interesting if they had found something groundbreaking and not the stuff that people always seem to find. 

I also had the fun of tutoring 3 people in the course of 4 hours. Two psychology students who had a test Thursday and one Finance student. It is REALLY confusing to switch between the subjects. Like really. And I was just so tired of everything. And I couldn't even hide it, everyone knew. And then I had to go to ice breakers. And even just mentioning it makes my blood boil. It had all been coming to a head, and it isn't so much the not getting twins so much as it was the way I was told that I couldn't and then told that I wasn't around to rant to people about it. Who the hell thinks they can tell me what and what not to do or who or who not to talk to? And that is all I will say on that matter. Except that a friend and I did have an hour long rant session about everything right afterward.

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