Saturday, June 9, 2012

Revenge of the Nerd Books 

So... it has been a super LONG time since I've blogged, but here's the big update: I am officially an intern at YUP. Which means I get to read nerd books ALL summer long. ALL SUMMER. Which makes me happier than I can describe.

Ok, so eventually I will catch up on the entire world of college, but for now I am going to recap and attempt to not geek out over all of the things going on in Connecticut.

I arrived a week ago (last Saturday) and did all the fun unpacking stuff and grocery store runs. The house is nice, but grad student cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired sometimes :) At least over the last ten years. I met my roommates, they seem pretty nice. It is still awkward living with people I don't know, though. Sunday we did the last few errands and then I hung out in the house and walked around. I check out the bookstore and stayed there for a little while. I literally got back like 5 minutes before it starting storming. It was crazy, one minute it was sunny and then it was windy and dark.

Monday was my first day. I met the girl I am working with, K, and my boss. Then we got the tour of the press and then had social media training and lunch. There are 18 (I think) interns in the whole press. We met each other for like 5 minutes. K & I wrote a few tweets & looked through the catalogues so we know what is going to be happening. Tuesday K wasn't there so I wrote a few tweets and learned how to use the book management system. I also started reading The Event of Literature Terry Eagleton. It is an interesting book, but it is a little tough to get through when I keep having to pause and doing other things. I also got to work on D & B which is going to help with the website eventually I think.I also learned how to schedule things in tweet deck. Wednesday I finished all the tweets, worked on my blog post, and finished the The Event of Literature. Thursday I wrote my blog post, emailed it to my boss, and started pub updates. Friday was a pretty laid back day. We worked on creating excel files about blogs on a given topic.

When I'm not at work I pretty much just hang out. It takes about half an hour to get home and then I make dinner, shower, and read. Dinner is kind of interesting because no one eats at the same time and I never know who is going to home when. Everyone is really nice though. Thursday all the interns went to Prime 16 a burger restaurant near YUP which was really fun. It was hard to get to know everyone, but those I did were really great people.

So those are the updates for now...

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